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Minor League Baseball Team Delivers Creativity and Fun in Season Ticket Package

Shumsky helps drive loyalty and maintain customer retention for season ticket holders of the Dayton Dragons minor league baseball team. The Need Our client needed a vehicle to deliver a season ticket package to over 5,000 holders and create buzz for the upcoming baseball season. The Solution Our creative team began brainstorming ideas for a fun way to package season tickets. Previously used concepts included a custom home plate box, metal tin/lunch box, and a wooden cigar box all designed and printed with Dayton Dragons branding. Together, we designed and presented an imitation of a Wheaties cereal box, using the Dragons mascot, Heater, on the front of the box and called it “Heaties”. The box contained a sample of the Limited Edition cereal, season tickets and owner’s manual (directions to stadium, seating charts, and contact info for staff), magnet and pocket schedule, and a “free prize” (custom promotional keychains).  The full-color imprint on the box was jam-packed with information such as the opening date, social media icons, serving sizes (of fun!), alumni players, QR codes, and six puzzles and quizzes. The Results Our client has maintained a 92% retention rate for season ticket holders. This project was developed within budget [...]

Case Study: World-Wide Employee Participation Incentive

Utilizing an iconic and fun promotional piece Shumsky increases employee participation in suggestion program. Situation A global leader of content-enabled workflow solutions came to Shumsky looking for a solution to improve employee participation in a companywide suggestion program.   The client had a goal of increasing the participation in the suggestion program that included 5000 employees in over 30 locations world-wide.  The solution needed to reward employees for their efforts and encourage employees who had not contributed to the program to make a suggestion. Solution To solve the client’s challenge of increasing participation in the companywide suggestion program, Shumsky developed a “Game Changers” promotional campaign.  The “Game Changers” campaign awarded custom imprinted “Game Changers” boxing gloves to any employee who contributed a suggestion that resulted in $500 or more in company savings. The gloves were displayed at employee’s workstations and any employee who earned the gloves was entered in an additional prize drawing for sports memorabilia and trips to iconic sports venues at the end of the program.  In addition, the boxing gloves displayed in employee’s workstations served as a fun reminder to other employees to participate in the employee suggestion program to earn their own gloves and get their name [...]

Case Study: Third Party Logistics Company Tradeshow Traffic Driver

Creative t-shirt packaging and messaging leads to increased tradeshow traffic and promotes cause awareness Situation A world-wide leader in third party logistics came to Shumsky looking for an original way to drive traffic to their tradeshow booth. The client wanted to demonstrate to their customers that they are an all-inclusive company that can handle projects from “seed in the ground” to “produce on the store shelf.”  In addition to increasing foot traffic in their tradeshow booth the client had goals of helping attendees understand the wide breadth of their capabilities and utilizing the tradeshow platform to help promote breast cancer awareness. Solution Shumsky worked with the client to develop a cost-efficient item that could be given-away at the tradeshow to drive foot traffic while educating attendees about their capabilities and helping raise awareness for breast cancer.  Shumsky created a uniquely packaged t-shirt that demonstrated their client’s message “from seed to store.”  The t-shirt was packaged as a small watermelon with packaging that that read “from farm to family, and everything in between”, the unique packaging of the shirt created a buzz at the tradeshow inspiring attendees to find out what was in the package.  Attendee curiosity led them to our [...]

Case Study: Employee Appreciation in Pet Food and Supply Distribution Industry

Shumsky develops a custom promotional solution to show employee appreciation and encourage employee relaxation for pet food and supply distributor. Situation A global leader in Pet Food and Supply distribution came to Shumsky looking for an impressive “thank you gift” they could distribute to their team members who had recently finished a successful companywide sales project.  The client was looking for a promotional item that would show team members their true appreciation of their hard-work and encourage them to take some time to relax during the upcoming summer.  Solution Working with the client, Shumsky developed a promotional “thank you gift” for team members to enjoy with their families.  The “thank you gift” was an Iced Tea Party Set for the whole family decorated with artwork from the sales project that had been customized to demonstrate that the sales objectives had been exceeded.  The Iced Tea Party Set included 6 custom Tervis Tumblers and a custom Iced Tea Pitcher packaged in a box decorated in a relaxing summer scene that included a personal thank you letter from each team member.  The Iced Tea Party Set was the perfect way to communicate the idea of summer relaxation to team members, and the [...]

Case Study: Trade Show Traffic Driver Campaign

‘Rockstar’ themed promotional campaign exceeds lead generation expectations and promotes brand recognition Situation A leader in employee recognition and rewards came to Shumsky with the goal of exceeding their qualified leads from past years at their industry’s biggest tradeshow. The client was looking for a unique promotional campaign to create a buzz at the tradeshow that would drive tradeshow attendees to their booth and ultimately drive more sales.  In addition to their main objectives the client was looking for a campaign that would give attendees an incentive to not only visit that booth at the show, but also an incentive to visit their website following the show. Solution In response to the client’s program objectives, Shumsky developed a high-energy promotional campaign incorporating trendy promotional items and unique special offers that drove brand awareness and delivered results.  The promotional marketing campaign showcased a ‘Rockstar’ themed package of promotional items and incentives that inspired HR professionals to “Recognize their Rockstar Employees.”  The “Recognize your Rockstars” campaign featured cleverly branded promotional items including guitar picks, drum sticks, ear buds, journal books, sunglasses, backstage passes/lanyards with an offer for 2 free music downloads, beach towels, and denim style messenger bags.  In addition to ‘Rockstar’ [...]

Case Study: Real Estate Investment Trust

Real Estate Management Firm utilizes technology based marketing solution to drive sales Situation A premier mall ownership, management, acquisition and development firm came to Shumsky looking for a creative way to drive potential clients into their available retail space.  The mall development firm needed a marketing solution that could be delivered in person by their sales force as an intriguing leave behind piece, and be mailed to potential clients that the sales force was unable to reach in person.  The marketing piece needed to show clients the available mall space and demonstrate the value of the space to respective clients. Solution Shumsky combined the innovation of their creative team with the technological expertise of their IT team to create a one-of-a-kind mailer and leave behind piece for their client.  Shumsky developed an intricate web-key that directed potential tenants to customized virtual web tours of spaces that were ideal for their respective companies.  The web-keys automatically updated with any website changes the client made, so they were able to ensure the clients were always viewing the most up-to-date information regarding potential spaces.  These features and more including detailed demographic reports for target markets helped the web-keys deliver big value for the [...]

Case Study: Post-Operative Therapy and Brand Messaging

Pillow developed to provide unique branding opportunity for hospitals while improving patient recovery  Situation A prominent cardiac surgeon came to Shumsky looking to develop a pillow that patients could use following surgical heart procedures to help prevent further complications, including sternal malunions where bones grow together unevenly during the healing process.  The cardiac surgeon was looking for an item that could be used by hospitals to help improve the patient healing process, reduce the amount of pain experienced by patients following surgery, and improve the hospital – patient relationship. Solution Working closely with the cardiac surgeon, Shumsky developed an innovative heart pillow that improved patient recovery, reduced patient pain, and enriched the patient-hospital relationship.  The heart pillow utilized the “v” of the heart so patients could rest the pillow comfortably under their chin, while firmly holding the pillow against their chest.  The added support gained from firmly pressing the pillow against their chest helped patients prevent sternal malunions and reduce recovery time. In addition to healing support, Shumsky also developed the heart pillow to provide the hospitals an innovative branding opportunity to build a stronger relationship with their patients.  The heart pillow featured a heart diagram on one-side of the [...]

Case Study: Parents Looking to Empower Children

Brave Kid Capes Empower Children to Have Courage in Difficult Situations Situation Parents of a 4 year old child were faced with the dilemma of getting their child to stay still during a CAT scan.  The child was naturally scared of the intimidating situation and the parent was unsure about how to help their child realize that they had the courage and strength to overcome this difficult challenge. Solution In order to empower children with courage, Shumsky developed a product that would instill courage within children rather than a solution that simply rewarded children for good behavior.  Shumsky created Brave Kid Capes, a set of products that help kids understand that they can be real superheroes when facing difficult situations.  The Brave Kid Capes products include a cape for children to wear when they need their superhero courage and a unique metal kit filled with Brave Kid Capes activities for children to focus on helping them to feel relaxed and comfortable in stressful situations. Results Brave Kid Capes was successful in helping parents empower their children with courage and helping children realize that they can be real-life superheroes. Throughout the country, kids facing a variety of difficult challenges have utilized [...]

Case Study: Children’s TV Stage Show Producer Retail Store Promotion

Children’s show producer and retail store team up with Shumsky to drive increased ticket sales and in-store purchases Situation A leading independent children’s TV show producer and rights owner/retailer came to Shumsky looking for a marketing solution that would generate local stage show sales while driving retail sales.  The clients were looking to capitalize on the goodwill created at the popular children’s stage show to increase future ticket sales and drive more sales traffic to retail locations within 50 miles of show locations. The complex marketing solution the clients were looking for required dynamic appeal that drew the attention of multiple age groups inspiring them to take action buying show tickets and making in-store purchases while creating brand loyalty with the show producer and retailer. Solution In response to the clients’ objectives, Shumsky developed an innovative marketing solution that utilized retail locations to promote the show while offering in-store incentives.  Shumsky created a “Chat with Me” promotion that offered children the opportunity to have a special phone call with the shows leading character. The “Chat with Me” promotion encouraged show-goers to go to the retail store to redeem a special die-cut character card with their show ticket.  The die-cut card [...]

Case Study: Data Solutions Company Incentive Trip Logistic Enhancement

A world-wide leader in data solutions worked with Shumsky to create a promotional item that would improve their incentive trip experience Situation The world’s largest focused analytic data solutions provider came to Shumsky looking for a solution to improve logistics for their top sales executive annual incentive trip.  With the large number of sales executives who attend the incentive trip, seamless logistic are vital for success.  Shumsky was challenged to create a marketing solution that would make the traveling process more expedient and hassle-free for the sales executives, ensuring an enjoyable experience. Solution In response to the client’s objectives, Shumsky developed a custom luggage strap for sales executives to quickly identify and collect their luggage.  The custom luggage straps reduce the amount of time needed at baggage claims and hotel check-ins, allowing more time to enjoy the vacation destination. The unique and easily identifiable luggage straps enable airport and resort personnel to easily and quickly identify and sort luggage belonging to sales executives from the client’s group, limiting the amount of lost luggage and improving the trip experience for all sales executives.   Results The client’s goal of incorporating a promotional item to help improve the overall logistics of their [...]